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Prince Andrew walks the aisle of St Paul’s cathedral to be crowned king of England. The chilly March morning is bathed in sunshine and a light breeze. The monarch’s dark blue robe brushes the ground, with a long train a shade lighter than the blue. He stands next to his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, her dress slightly bluer than the royal color scheme. A sea of gilded and ornate Victorian era balconies and pews fill the nave with royalty, nobility, and clergy. The choir stands below, clad in gold and decorated with pearls and golden garlands. Their voices hum a soft counterpoint to the sound of the organ pipes. The patriarchs, bishops, archbishops, and mitred abbots line the aisle in purple gowns and capes of deep red velvet. “This afternoon, I will accept the crown of England and all that it represents,” a solemn Andrew says. The wind stills and, suddenly, the cathedral falls silent. “Your Majesty, I ask you to be crowned king.” “I accept.” In the back of the cathedral, a whisper becomes a hush. The congregation withdraws to be replaced by a gilt-framed painting of Andrew’s grandfather, King George VI. A moment later, a spotlight illuminates the gallery, the king’s portrait, and the figure in the gallery, the scarlet-crowned figure of King George VI, his hand in prayer. The spotlight abruptly leaves the painting and steps away, its glow replaced by a series of bawdy, hearty, and low-key American television clips. They include: King George and Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Prince William and Kate Middleton, President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, and Donald Trump and Melania Trump. The spotlight stays for only a moment before moving on to another image— the even-cheeked, smiling face of King George VI. As the video fades, the king makes one final plea. “As I look about the great cathedral, I am amazed and humbled that God would allow me to be here today,” he says. The royal couple and the patriarchs leave the cathedral and make their way to the coronation dais. The shouts and laughs and flag waving sound in the cathedral. The moment turns into a serenade. After



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HD Online Player (Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Full Movie Engl) faideav

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