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Jurassic Landscapes South of Hangzhou – Private Guided Tour

Private Guided roadtrip with Accommodations

Explore into the ancient landscapes of Zhejiang province.

Wander rope bridges and cliff’s edge paths between sharp mountain peaks in Shenxianju ‘Immortal’s Haven’ National Scenic Park. Experience old-school water travel rafting to explore an ancient Chinese rural village on the Yong’an River. Discover the powerful high monk Buddhist temple of Guoqing and the great granite corridor known as the ‘Valley of the Immortals’.

A private journey into the Jurassic landscapes South of Hangzhou.

Hangzhou meetup. Private vehicle to Xianju. Lunch. Shenxianju ‘Immortal’s Haven’ National Scenic Park. Stay the night at the park resort.


Hangzhou meetup. Private vehicle to Xianju. Lunch.

9:00 – 12:00 Meet at your hotel in downtown Hangzhou and get on the private vehicle to Xianju

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch at Xianju local restaurant

Shenxianju ‘Immortal’s Haven’ National Scenic Park. Stay the night at the park resort.


13:00 – 17:00 Explore the Shenxianju National Scenic Park 

Shenxianju ‘Immortals Haven’ National Park: The place the gods come to rest. A national 4A-rated protected scenic park. Wander through a landscape of misty, sharp mountain peaks as you make your way on chairlifts, rope bridges, suspended cliff-edge paths, and jungle roads. Be intrigued and amazed by the landscape and its geographical variety, which has led some to call it a natural museum. 

Arrive at the Shenxianju National Scenic Park Resort hotel. Check in for the night.

Yong’an River Rafting. Lunch. Potan ancient farming village. Ride to Tiantai County.


Yong’an River Rafting. Lunch. Potan ancient farming village. 

Bright and early, eat a hotel breakfast then set out.

9:00 – 12:00 Arrive at the water’s edge, pull on a life vest, step onto your floating bamboo platform and go rafting on the Yongan River.

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch at a local restaurant at Xianju 

13:00 – 16:00 Experience an old-time Chinese village atmosphere at Potan Ancient Village.

Yong’an River: This 7.68 km path runs through deep valleys as your driver guides your bamboo raft through the crystal-clear waters. It is here that you will be able to truly enjoy time away from noisy city life as you relax with blue water, clear skies, rugged mountains, and new friends at your side.

Potan Ancient Village: a great example of an ancient Southern Chinese farming village The area features a 3km long ancient cobblestone street in the shape of a dragon (hence the name). Full of homes built in the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming Dynasties and the Republic of China.

Ride to Tiantai County.


16:00: Get in the car to ‘Platform of Heaven’ Tiantai. 

Arrive. Check in at the hotel. Stay the night.

Tiantai County: Located in the central area of Zhejiang and the northern area of Taizhou, Tiantai County is famous for its expansive open natural landscape. It got its name from both its beautiful scenery and its role as one of the first large Buddhist sites in China. Here, you will be visiting Guoqing Temple and Tongbai Palace, two significant Buddhist landmarks.

Guoqing Buddhist Temple. Lunch. Qiongtai ‘Valley of the Immortals’.


Guoqing Buddhist Temple. Lunch. 

9:00 – 12:00 Discover Guoqing Temple, a protected national relic temple from the Sui Dynasty.

12:00 – 13:00  Leave the temple. Return to Tiantai for a restaurant lunch.

Guoqing Temple: constructed in 598 during the Sui Dynasty under the name Tiantai Temple. With an area of 73,000m2, the temple is the ground of powerful historic events. It was the origin of the Tiantai branch of Buddhism, and the site where the highest monks would come to meditate and learn. The temple influenced many parts of East Asia, including Japan, which sent its monks to Tiantai to study as well.

Qiongtai ‘Valley of the Immortals’.

13:00 – 17:00 Finish eating then ride to the Qiongtai ‘Valley of the Immortals’. Explore this vast stone and stream landscape.
Afterwards, return to the hotel for the evening. Tomorrow morning is free, so feel free to play late, laugh drink and make the most of Tiantai.

Qiongtai Immortal Valley: a vast corridor of sharp granite peaks on each side. Nicknames such as ‘poetic rocks,’ ‘twin girl peaks,’ ‘banquet of the immortals,’ etc. Streams run the length of the area and flow over a waterfall and into a clear pool called the ‘dragon pool’.

tiantai. Return to hangzhou.


Breakfast. Return to Hangzhou.

Eat breakfast, then depart for Hangzhou.

Arrive at midday. This concludes the tour.



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